Please find important updates here as and when we learn more. Stay safe and stay well.

During these uncertain times, I personally want to wish you all well and thank you so much for your many messages and well wishes.  Whilst we have had to temporarily close the salon, I feel incredibly fortunate to have the most amazing, supportive clients and I know you can’t wait to come back – I can’t wait to pamper you and catch up with you again!
19/05/20  Update
I’ve been asked a lot lately if I know when we’ll be able to open so I thought I’d pop on here to to keep you updated.  The honest answer is I don’t know yet, nobody knows as no confirmed date has been given ?.
The government have classed ALL hair & beauty services (whether salon, home based or mobile) as being in phase 3 with an originally estimated ‘back to work’ date of no sooner than 4th July, and more recent talks have mentioned the possibility of this even being moved to the end of July / beginning of August. 
We are also still waiting to hear which ppe and extra protocols will need to be in place, obviously our hygiene standards at Pinks Beauty Rooms are ultra high on a normal day so we will have no hesitation in putting in place all extra steps the government advise.  In my mind, at present, supplies of ppe are required in healthcare more than ever and for that reason my morals dictated my decision to NOT purchase any extra supplies as yet, I hope an adequate supply is made available for all when phase three is coming up! 
All in all this means we have a little while more to wait ……… BUT I’m working hard on something special for you, so please be patient and I’ll be able to reveal soon,
lots of love,
Stacy ?
21/03/20  Update

I treated my last client yesterday evening and I’m very sad to let you know that I have decided to close Pinks Beauty Rooms for now.

It’s been a really tough decision and I’m really upset about it, but I feel morally and ethically obliged to do so.  Social distancing cannot be maintained in a salon environment and I feel that with the way things are developing, we all need to do our bit to stay safe and help keep everyone else safe too.
I’m still getting my head around this so am spending today planning. Over the next few days I will be getting in touch with everyone who has appointments booked with me.  Also, anyone who has a gift voucher does not need to worry,  expiry dates will of course be extended so no one misses out.
I’m going to miss all of my lovely clients so much, I’m currently thinking of ways that I can ‘work from home’ and still be there for you.  So, expect to see me pop up on here more, and if I’m feeling brave enough I may even do some Facebook lives and/or videos etc. 
If you have any ideas on how I can help you, please let me know, also please like this post so you will see these future updates from me.
? Keep well and stay safe ? and I hope to be back open as soon as I possibly can. 
xxx Stacy xxx
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