Removal of unwanted hair quickly & efficiently using a cream based strip wax that is formulated for sensitive skin. Area is cleansed before wax is applied and hair removed direct from the root. Rose oil is then applied for its nourishing and calming properties (results can last for up to 6 weeks).

Treatment areas include:   Half Leg   /   Full Leg   /   Underarm   /   Bikini   /   Upper Lip   /   Chin   / Brows

Prior to treatment : It is very important to have enough hair growth for your first appointment, this allows the wax to grab the hairs easily. As a guide hair should be approximately 3mm long.
During the treatment : We take special care to try and provide a quick, almost pain free waxing experience whilst taking care of your skin.  
Following your waxing treatment : Waxing can cause an increased blood flow to the area resulting in slight warmth and redness. This is completely normal and may last up to 24 hours, to help soothe the area tea tree lotion can be applied at home.  To help avoid ingrowing hairs exfoliate the skin every 2 - 3 days and moisturise daily.
How often should you book waxing appointments : As a general guide appointments are recommended every 4 weeks, clients hair growth rates vary and the time between appointments can be changed accordingly.
Aftercare Advice, please avoid the following for 24 to 48 hours :
Avoid hot baths, sauna's, sunbeds or any other heat sources.
Avoid exposure to UV rays.
Avoid perfumed products on the area.
Avoid applying makeup on the area.
Avoid exfoliating the area.
Avoid putting deodorant or talcum powder on the area.
Avoid tight clothing as it can cause irritation and ingrowing hairs.