Enjoy the experience of a having the service of a professional makeup artist. We use Airbase Makeup with every application, this is a revolutionary makeup system that diffuses tiny particles of makeup through an airbrush and onto your skin for a flawless finish and ensures no 'touch ups' are required during the day. Our kit contains a plethora of premium brands, including Nars, Illamasqua, MAC etc., ensuring you feel special & look fabulous!

Prior to our arrivalPlease ensure your skin is clean and all makeup has been removed, it is also advisable to exfoliate your skin before your makeup application to help remove any dead skin cells and give a good smooth base to work with. Remove contact lenses so that eyes do not become irritated.
Prior to treatment: Your session will begin with a thorough consultation to allow us to understand your requirements. It is a good idea to collect any pictures of makeup ideas that you like so that you can show us and we can tailor make the look to suit you, or alternatively we are just as happy to work our magic without any prompts. Advise your Makeup Artist if you are wearing false eyelashes, have any skin complaints or allergies so that we can use the correct products for your requirements.
During the treatment: Your skin will be prepped using appropriate and gentle skincare products.  Your makeup will then be applied, commencing with Airbase Airbrush Makeup and continued using a variety of top named products.  At the end of your session, if you have chosen to have strip lashes we will apply the most suitable to compliment your look.
Aftercare Advice: Enjoy the admiration of friends and family of your fabulousness throughout the day & evening and don't forget to cleanse your face before going to bed.